Linguine with Clams
Shed Your Belly & Double Your Strength!

If you want to BULK UP FAST, whether you are a beginner or a long-time lifter, you need The Men’s Health Big Muscle Training Manual, a step-by-step guidebook based on breakthrough new science on muscle growth from the top exercise physiologists and researchers in the nation. Discover the fine art of muscle breakdown and repair that leads to superfast growth and bigger, fuller, harder muscles than you’ve ever achieved before. No other program builds a better roadmap for guiding you to the results you want in just a few weeks: lower-body fat percentage, more mass, and greater strength. Follow this plan and you can expect to blast through plateaus and improve your max in the bench press, deadlift, biceps curls, and more!

In this guide, the editors at Men’s Health show you how to:


Craft a bulletproof chest with the 14 ways to build pec-popping muscle on page 157. Want the secret to bigger biceps? We have six new arm exercises you’ve never seen on page 138. And with adjustable workouts and multiple plans, your body will always be challenged, and you’ll NEVER, ever plateau.


Discover the 9 essential muscle foods you need to shed fat and craft a ripped body! Pump up every meal with plenty of protein — turn to page 72 for the perfect amount to build maximum muscle. Plus get delicious recipes for muscle meals made easy like the Big Breakfast Fry-Up or Linguine with Clams, or quell your late-night hunger with The Torta Dog. Click here.


Become stronger, faster, and more explosive than ever before! With exercises designed for every level, you’ll build amazing strength in just 4 weeks. PLUS, we’ll show you the best no-gym routines you can do anytime, anywhere — all to help you get the body you want.


Lose your gut for good and uncover your six-pack with our incredible six-week plan that includes the World’s Greatest Abs Workout. The exercises in this plan help you build and train your core muscles harder than many traditional ab exercises, according to researchers at Appalachian State University. Plus, discover the 10 simple habits that will help you stay lean for life!

EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Optimize Your Workouts, Build Rock- Solid Muscle, Shed Fat Fast, and Make Every Muscle Pop!

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